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" But I reckon it's going to be laying low a spell for me,"
Doctor MacDonald said, "like I been doing for more'n ten
days now. I been spelling round in different people's houses,
the Campbells' and Donelsons' and Nelsons' most, but not a
night or two at a place in succession.ŚNight, did I say night?
I been doing most of my sleeping in the daytime, and up half
the night tending to my patients. Looks like it comes a spell
of wet weather and the roads mire up or a fellow gets in a
fix like this or one way or another, and everybody in the
damned county goes and gets down sick and wants you to
doctor them. Cordelia or some of them gets the calls at the
house and they pass them on to me-----"

" They'll hook you," Mr. Munn said fatalistically, " if you
aren't careful. They'll hook you on a fake call."

" Play sick to hook me," Doctor MacDonald retorted, " and
I'll make somebody sick. I'll take him apart unless God-a-
mighty's got a new way patented for putting a man's parts
together. I'll take him apart like a clock." He seemed
pleased with himself, smiling. Then, soberly, he added:
"What I can't figure is why they up all at once and try to
get me. They been round here quite a spell now, and they
just suddenly up and try to get me."

" I'll tell you," Mr. Munn said. " They figure they got some
evidence now that'll stand up in a court of law. I don't know
what it is, but that's it. They think their evidence'll stand up."

" They got next to somebody."

" Sure," Mr. Munn agreed.   " Somebody."

" They never would've known to lay for the boys at Fulton's
plant bed if they hadn't got next to somebody. And get
Turpin and Mosely." He shrugged. " Any way, I'm glad it's
Turpin and Mosely sitting over there in the jail-house, and
not me."

" They won't give them bail," Mr. Munn said.

"Well, you can be durned sure, then, they wouldn't give
me bail if they got me. But they won't get me. I don't like
to be indoors so much. Just let me sit round the house a
couple of days and I need calomel, damned if I don't. I'll